Design Engineer
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Autonomous Public Transportation

 R&D|Strategy|Design|Project Management 

Completed: 2016



Clarisse Bret, Josephine Latreille, Sylvia Zhang, Francois-Baptiste Costa-Peretti 

Inspired by the well-known adage “enjoy the journey not the destination” our autonomous vehicle (AV), also called People Pod, provides a platform for visitors to travel around the capital while also providing information about their surroundings. Tourism is an important and growing market and source of income for London, with a total of 35.8 million overseas visitors in 2015 spending a total of 21.8 billion sterling pounds.

Catapult Transport Systems, Innovation Centre UK  article 

 'we could easily imagine it in use in the near future and the students had created a compelling and credible use case.’

2015-16 Dyson School of Design Engineering DESIRE AWARD- for the design of dual-occupant public transport autonomous vehicle, people's pod

 ‘This is a prestigious award within the School, and something that all students aspire to win on a few occasions in their degree’


Our AV transportation system and especially its interior design aims to enhance tourist satisfaction of London by combining a demand-oriented service with comfort.

People's Pod 2015-16.jpg

Anthropometric data (collected from Bodyscapes as well as BIFMA International Ergonomics Guidelines), that has been altered based on tests done with AM05, AF95, JF95 user groups, were used in order to achieve inclusivity for all potential customers.


Our main focus for the final design of the centre console was creating manoeuvrability options for wheelchair users as well as create a stress free experience while operating the interface of the pod.


To accommodate for one of the largest potential user groups, the elderly suffering from e.g. arthritis (17.5% of UK population according to Arthritis Research UK), the 90 degrees’ flat orientation of the centre console surface requires no strain or stress on wrists or arms when using the interface.