Design Engineer

Food in Cities

Food in Cities


Clarisse Bret, Kenza Zouitene, Sergi Capdevila Arp


How to make conscious food shopping more convenient?

Adobe Premiere|Human-Centered Design|Circular Design|Future Fore sighting |Systems Thinking

This project was selected to exhibit at the June 2018 British Library Tech Foresight 2038 - Shifting Realities conference.

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The widespread applications in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT inspire new solutions towards feeding our future society. One of the main challenges in the food industry is the disconnect between producers and consumers. A collective lack of awareness of where our food is sourced, results in unconscious consumer behaviour negatively impacting our environment.

How do we feed the cities of the future?

How are future technologies allowing us to cross industry silos at multiple intervention points to drive change?