Design Engineer

Royal Brompton Hospital

Medical Device

Design challenge by Royal Brompton Hospital

Ergonomics|R&D|Prototyping|3D Printing|FEA|CNC

Completed: 2017


Josephine Latreille, Renke Huang, Keshav Jagan

Chronic pulmonary obstructive disease kills 3 million people each year  with over 90% of people affected located in middle and low income settings. Diagnosing, monitoring and treating COPD requires specialist equipment that often cost over 100 GPD. As such, there is a need for a design solution to diagnosing COPD on low income settings. This concept offers a vision for such a medical device. Informed by an analysis of the operating context, research on COPD, user interviews and literature reviews, this concept exposes a solution focused on creating a high quality, robust spirometer  that allows for simple and straightforward repairs and maintenance.

'One of the best spirometer designs I have ever seen' - Professor Peter GJ Burney MA MD FRCP FFPHM FMEDSC

Final Portfoli.png
Final Portfoli (2).png
Final Portfoli (3).png

Engineering Design Project focusing on holistic design processes, using design thinking applied to an engineering design problem. Tackling an engineering design problem from requirements through to final prototype and manufacturing specification/drawings.